Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Terri Hanauer in Clean And Sober

Canadian actress and writer Terri Hanauer played an admissions counselor in the Ron Howard production CLEAN AND SOBER; she’s the first person Michael Keaton (hiding from company debts and nosy … Continue reading

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Virginia Lee jazzes up D.O.A.

In the classic 1950 Film Noir D.O.A. gorgeous blonde actress VIRGINIA LEE has a small but very important role, playing a jazz-club-regular-debutante named Jeanie, taking star Edmond O’Brien’s attention off … Continue reading

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Rachel Herbert slapping Robbery

In director Peter Yates’s 1967 neo noir heist picture ROBBERY, that paved the way for BULLITT, British actress (in this entirely British production with Stanley Baker starring and producing) Rachel … Continue reading

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Addy Miller returns to The Walking Dead

Addy Miller aka Summer the Teddy Bear Walker, the first Walker shown on THE WALKING DEAD, from the pilot, DAYS GONE BYE, returns for the 100th episode… despite the fact … Continue reading

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Debbie Turner rents The Firm

In THE FIRM, Debbie Turner plays an office Rental Agent, providing Holly Hunter, in cahoots with star Tom Cruise, to overturn the titular mob-run practice, and Holly tells Debbie how … Continue reading

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Shelley Smith on Diff’rent Strokes

Shelley Smith, the blonde bombshell from 1980’s, appears on Diff’rent Strokes as a bubbly, somewhat shallow and quirky TV-host of a homemaking series, wanting to do a piece on the … Continue reading

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Monique Candelaria serves Breaking Bad

First of two cute waitresses on the final season of BREAKING BAD (Season 5, Episode 1 titled Live Free or Die): Lucy is played by sleek beauty (and New Mexico … Continue reading

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Robin Dearden on Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s real life beautiful wife, an actress, appears as Emotional Woman (from news footage about the plane crash) on the episode No Mas, the first from … Continue reading

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Cari Anne Warder flirts with The Wild Life

Cari Anne Warder plays the cute, very cute girlfriend of very rude Dick Rude and who 1984’s Cameron Crowe-written/Edward Van Halen scored THE WILD LIFE hero Ilan-Mitchell Smith has his eyes … Continue reading

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Lisa Anne Barnes cries Firestarter

Name: Lisa Anne Barnes Title: FIRESTARTER Year: 1984 Character: Serviceman’s Girlfriend Note: She’s crying when her jerky beau wants to dump her and her unborn baby, and Drew Barrymore’s title … Continue reading

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