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The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Judy Brown on Jim Brown’s Slaughter

Judy Brown aka Judith Brown was a redheaded hottie from exploitation and blaxploitation films, and was one of several groundbreaking white babes to bed-down with the late Jim Brown, here … Continue reading

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Brenda Marshall soars Captains of the Clouds

Brenda Marshall is mostly famous for being married to William Holden, but she was quite something on her own, mostly co-starring against Errol Flynn, but she gets taken by con … Continue reading

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Deborah White on The White Shadow

Deborah White is a cute and quirky actress who’s done plenty of TV, including playing a cute bookstore employee on COLUMBO (her character inspired by Dorothy Malone talking to trench … Continue reading

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S. Pearl Sharp in The White Shadow

On THE WHITE SHADOW, white coach Ken Reeves always gets a lady, and one of the cutest, and the only black one flirting back to him, is S. Pearl Sharp … Continue reading

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Nancie Richards deals The White Shadow

In THE WHITE SHADOW episode, WE’RE IN THE MONEY, when the Carver High School team sneaks into a cheap casino from a cheap motel, blowing money and wearing themselves out … Continue reading

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Melissa Greene Rocks Bionic Man

Melissa Greene looks a lot like The Bionic Woman actress Lindsay Wagner, and she played Wagner’s friend, Aura Lee, in the beginning of THE ROCKFORD FILES (picture below) before vanishing … Continue reading

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Elyssa Davalos Wins the West Again

The gorgeous Elyssa Davalos steals the second season of the binge series HOW THE WEST WAS WON in the late 1970’s, playing Hillary Gant, feisty tomboy daughter of sheriff Lloyd … Continue reading

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Betty Macey connects Local Hero

There are three Texas switchboard operators credited in the cult indie LOCAL HERO, connecting stars Peter Reigert as an oil industry salesman seeking a land deal in Scotland to Burt … Continue reading

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Andrea Doven downing Cocktail

Andrea Doven would become both Tom Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman’s assistant in movies ranging from his DAYS OF THUNDER to her TO DIE FOR to their FAR AND AWAY, … Continue reading

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Terri Hanauer in Clean And Sober

Canadian actress and writer Terri Hanauer played an admissions counselor in the Ron Howard production CLEAN AND SOBER; she’s the first person Michael Keaton (hiding from company debts and nosy … Continue reading

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