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The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Cari Anne Warder flirts with The Wild Life

Cari Anne Warder plays the cute, very cute girlfriend of very rude Dick Rude and who 1984’s Cameron Crowe-written/Edward Van Halen scored THE WILD LIFE hero Ilan-Mitchell Smith has his eyes … Continue reading

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Lisa Anne Barnes cries Firestarter

Name: Lisa Anne Barnes Title: FIRESTARTER Year: 1984 Character: Serviceman’s Girlfriend Note: She’s crying when her jerky beau wants to dump her and her unborn baby, and Drew Barrymore’s title … Continue reading

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Anne Bobby in The Pick-Up Artist with Robert Downey

Anne Bobby is one of several classy New York young women picked-up on by THE PICK-UP ARTIST Robert Downey Jr., who ultimately falls for Molly Ringwald, making this a kind … Continue reading

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Caroline Cluiss reports Tiger King 2

About the only good part or parts of TIGER KING 2 are the last two of five episodes, and which point a very cute newscaster CAROLINE CLUISS is shown reporting … Continue reading

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Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff on Otherworld

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff was Pamela Bach on the cult sci-fi/fantasy series OTHERWORLD getting her cheek squeezed by villain Jonathan Banks in the episode I Am Woman, Here Me Roar… Ironically, Bach’s … Continue reading

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Neve McIntosh in Doc Martin movies

The best thing about the two Doc Martin TV-movies (with Martin Clunes playing a different character with the same name in the same location) is insanely gorgeous ingenue Neve McIntosh … Continue reading

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Ingrid Oliver radios in Doc Martin

Ingrid Oliver plays a Radio Technician in the Doc Martin episode Aromatherapy, from Series 2, trying to get the attention of the local disc-jockey Felicity Montagu.

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Suzanne Hunt is hot on Hawkins

Suzanne Hunt on the James Stewart lawyer show HAWKINS as a dancer with a tip for Stewart’s partner, based on Arthur O’Connell from the show’s inspiration, Anatomy of a Murder… … Continue reading

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Léonie Thelen trains The Eagle has Landed

Léonie Thelen as the Jewish girl Branna (as in “Good luck Branna”) saved by Michael Caine, for a little bit anyway, in THE EAGLE HAS LANGED; a train scene epitomizing … Continue reading

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Judy Buxton checks out The Sweeney

Actress: Judy Buxton Project: THE SWEENEY Episodes: Bait Year: 1978 Info: Plays a Salesgirl who gives John Thaw and Dennis Waterman info on a suspect who’d been a customer; years … Continue reading

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