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The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Anne Bobby in The Pick-Up Artist with Robert Downey

Anne Bobby is one of several classy New York young women picked-up on by THE PICK-UP ARTIST Robert Downey Jr., who ultimately falls for Molly Ringwald, making this a kind … Continue reading

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Caroline Cluiss reports Tiger King 2

About the only good part or parts of TIGER KING 2 are the last two of five episodes, and which point a very cute newscaster CAROLINE CLUISS is shown reporting … Continue reading

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Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff on Otherworld

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff was Pamela Bach on the cult sci-fi/fantasy series OTHERWORLD getting her cheek squeezed by villain Jonathan Banks in the episode I Am Woman, Here Me Roar… Ironically, Bach’s … Continue reading

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Neve McIntosh in Doc Martin movies

The best thing about the two Doc Martin TV-movies (with Martin Clunes playing a different character with the same name in the same location) is insanely gorgeous ingenue Neve McIntosh … Continue reading

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Ingrid Oliver radios in Doc Martin

Ingrid Oliver plays a Radio Technician in the Doc Martin episode Aromatherapy, from Series 2, trying to get the attention of the local disc-jockey Felicity Montagu.

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Suzanne Hunt is hot on Hawkins

Suzanne Hunt on the James Stewart lawyer show HAWKINS as a dancer with a tip for Stewart’s partner, based on Arthur O’Connell from the show’s inspiration, Anatomy of a Murder… … Continue reading

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Léonie Thelen trains The Eagle has Landed

Léonie Thelen as the Jewish girl Branna (as in “Good luck Branna”) saved by Michael Caine, for a little bit anyway, in THE EAGLE HAS LANGED; a train scene epitomizing … Continue reading

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Judy Buxton checks out The Sweeney

Actress: Judy Buxton Project: THE SWEENEY Episodes: Bait Year: 1978 Info: Plays a Salesgirl who gives John Thaw and Dennis Waterman info on a suspect who’d been a customer; years … Continue reading

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Emily Somers has a short but memorable role as the most beautiful lady in a movie promoted for beautiful ladies (including Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel and Catherine Zeta Jones), wherein … Continue reading

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Suzanne Neve twice on The Saint

Actress: Suzanne Neve Project: THE SAINT Episodes: The Frightened Inn-Keeper/The Benevolent Burglary Year: 1963-5 Info: Cute British Actress we discovered as a mom in BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING and found … Continue reading

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